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Critical Low-Slope Roof Points

The most critical points on low slope roofs are the details.  Curbs, seams, roof edges, penetrations, and drains are where we see the majority of leaks.  Leaks typically occur at these locations due to poor installation practices including poor design, inadequate weather conditions during installation, and improper use of materials.  A good rule of thumb is to always use like materials.  For instance, when installing or repairing a TPO membrane, the installer should use proper TPO manufacturer specified flashing and detail products instead of plastic roofing cement or any other product that is not chemically designed to adhere to the particular membrane.  Even though the plastic roofing cement may be adequately adhered for a while, it could fail relatively quickly, causing higher maintenance costs to the customer.  Many future leaks can be prevented through attention to detail and a high level of workmanship from a quality installer.


For more information on best practices in low-slope roofing details, check out John D’Annuzio’s article at the following link:



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